Hiring Truck Driver in United Kingdom 2024

Hiring Truck Driver in United Kingdom 2024


Job Description:

Our mission is to build trusting relationships with our customers by providing quality products and impeccable service, and to improve the desired retail outcomes for every customer we serve.
We are a very effective team that plays to win.
Our 4,444 employees are committed to making our mission a reality.
Overall, our vision is to “be world class”.
Achieving your vision depends on how well you develop, trust, and empower the people in your organization.
We want to offer you the best opportunity to enjoy the unique and rewarding experience of working with our world-class, high-functioning team.
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Commitment to World-Class Fundamentals: Our 29 World-Class Fundamentals define our unique culture.
These behaviors and disciplines differentiate us from our competitors and make us a great place to work.
Responsible for business day delivery to all Mattress Factory customers in the Midwest including Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana.
Responsible for maintaining DOT driver logs and ensuring accuracy.
Responsible for overseeing equipment maintenance and conducting appropriate inspections.


Valid driver’s license and clean driving record At least 2 years of experience driving a commercial vehicle Accident-free driving (3 or fewer traffic violations in the past 3 years) Good driving skills and knowledge of traffic rules and regulations Knowledge Ability to maintain accurate logbooks and records.
• Excellent time management and organizational skills.
Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Strong work ethic and attention to detail.
High school diploma or equivalent.
Fluency and basic knowledge of Spanish and English is an advantage

Great work comes with great rewards.

More and more companies are giving bonuses and raises to truck drivers, especially long-haul drivers.
Another benefit about training to become a truck driver is that you are usually guaranteed a pay increase as you gain years of experience.
Another way to get a quick raise is to improve your driving license by training on different trucks.
Truck driver jobs come with weekly or monthly pay, 28 days of vacation, and guaranteed overtime pay.

Driver recruitment More flexibility.

From delivery companies to waste management companies, many transport companies in the UK often offer flexible schedules to truck drivers.
Truck drivers often get to decide for themselves what type of transportation they want to drive.
Some companies offer a selection of local runs, long distance runs, or national runs.
Truck drivers also have access to range and shift times.
Work shifts can range from day and night to full-time or part-time.
Most drivers enjoy driving at night, often having the freedom to spend the entire day with family and friends.

There is stable employment.

In the job of a truck driver, one’s position becomes more secure.
The trucking industry is a safe market and there is always a shortage of truck drivers, so there is always work available.
You’ll likely receive a job offer sooner, especially if you already have several years of safe driving experience.

Variety of hours and driving experiences.

Due to a driver shortage, vacancies occur throughout the year.
There is currently a serious driver shortage in the UK, with between 45,000 and 50,000 drivers needed.
Companies where drivers are an asset to the company rarely approach urban areas where drivers are in short supply.
Truck Drivers Warwickshire Driver Recruitment Hours, vehicles and driving experience vary.
With 4,444 active truck drivers, you can expect a variety of career paths.
From driving from one city to another within a single country to driving across Europe.
Drivers can also expect to be provided with training opportunities throughout the job.
Most companies also offer drivers the opportunity to train on a variety of vehicles to advance their driving career.
Every time a driver obtains a new driver’s license, they can expect to see an increase in their salary.
Once you become a professional truck driver, be prepared that no two days will ever be the same.



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