Job Description Regularly patrol and monitor activity on company premises to deter crime and ensure environmental safety.
Surveillance camera monitoring to monitor sabotage and illegal activities.
Provide detailed reports to management regarding daily activities and any accidents that may occur Provide in a clear and concise manner the use of communication equipment such as radios provided Perform CPR as required and administer first aid Sira and, if not Sira, both may apply Action Search people and property, if necessary, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
Conduct searches of persons and property as necessary in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Rapid response to alarms, SECURITY GUARD JOBS IN DUBAI 2023 incidents and emergencies and implementation of appropriate measures to contain them.
Conduct regular patrols and inspections to ensure the safety of people and property.


Skills Strong attention to detail and observational skills with the ability to identify and respond to potential security threats.
Exceptional attention to detail and keen observational skills allow you to identify potential security threats and respond quickly.
Excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills.
Ability to think quickly and act decisively in emergency situations.
Excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills.
Enables quick thinking and effective response in critical situations.
High school education, basic knowledge of English, minimum height of 5.7 feet,

experienced or new Job Details Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates Company Industry Security and Fire Protection Systems Company Type Not Specified Job Description Security Employment Type Full-time Monthly Salary Range $500 – $1,000 Number of Jobs 100


Security Manager Reports to: Country Manager Team: Security Job Purpose Ensure the station is completely secure with respect to company and customer assets, employees and information.
Through follow-up, ensure all published procedures and policies are fully implemented by all employees within the station, promoting a culture of safety awareness among employees.
Key Responsibilities: Common tasks include, but are not limited to: All processes within InfoHub implemented by all affected employees Make sure it is.
Confirm that policies and procedures are properly implemented by conducting ongoing audits.
Ensure all employees are trained in all relevant procedures by supervising or conducting security awareness training.
Manage all security guard responsibilities and duties.

Ensure all incidents are reported in a timely manner.

Ensure that all security incidents are properly investigated (gathering all information, coordinating with all affected parties, investigating the cause, and communicating with the affected team to the customer).
We will notify you and modify our procedures or systems to prevent future incidents.
) Check with employees for updates to security procedures Monitoring All employees wear badges and visitors wear visitor badges.
Adjust TAPA membership and certification processes as needed.
Monitoring and testing of all security systems Other: The Security Manager remains responsible for all security operations and coordination of base station security team leaders and guards.
Notify all affected employees of updates to security policies and procedures.
Build and maintain good working relationships with relevant local authorities.

Colleagues from government,

fire and police authorities, security consultants and public safety officials, professional community security managers, and surrounding facilities.
Develop operational capabilities of station security teams.
Improve station safety policies and procedures.
Improve communication and increase awareness among staff.
Conveys information and useful information to the stations under his supervision.
Address regional development and potential hotspots.

Responsibilities: .

Recruit, select, develop, and manage the performance of professional and frontline staff using structured processes and best practice methodologies.
Ensure they have the skills and resources to achieve the goals they need.
Implement effective security systems and processes.
Please use this as a basis for conducting investigations into theft, theft, vandalism, fraud, or other activities that negatively impact Aramex, its customers, or employees.
Report and recommendations regarding appropriate actions to be taken as a result of these investigations.
Ensures that all procedures involving employees are performed in accordance with company policies and procedures and with full awareness of the individual’s legal rights.
Develops, recommends, and/or implements security policy and procedure changes designed to protect customer assets.
Lead the coordination of security investigations with various law enforcement agencies at the local level, while establishing and maintaining liaisons with these agencies to rapidly respond to Aramex’s needs.
Ensure that the investigation is completed and the conclusions regarding the incident are communicated to Human Resources and the team manager.


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