FRUIT PICKER JOBS IN CANADA Under the direction of the team leader, the seasonal farm personnel will perform general orchard maintenance (spring and fall tree pruning – weather events and frost may change the scope of work required) and assist with new orchard maintenance.
Assist with planting and help establish new irrigation systems.
in the spring (as well as system maintenance and repairs if necessary).
During harvesting, workers help as needed (harvesting, collecting, sorting, packing, etc.


During picking, workers maintain safety standards while ensuring that the cherries in the orchard are picked with minimal damage to the trees and fruit.
Duties and Responsibilities Prune trees as directed and assist in the orchard as needed.
Harvest fruit safely without harming yourself, the fruit or the tree.
Team Leader and her QC receive instructions from his field team.
Picker manages the number of her tags/bins. for FRUIT PICKER JOBS IN CANADA
Participate in health and safety training and ongoing leadership training.
Qualifications Agility, endurance, ability to climb ladders and repeatedly lift weights of at least 25 pounds.
Excellent attention to detail and quality assurance.
Able to receive instructions from supervisors and management as needed.
Able to concentrate and work for long periods of time in a safe and professional manner.
Must be a flexible team player who works well in a busy and demanding environment.
Order picking experience is an advantage but not required.
Full training will be provided.

Working Conditions

Working Conditions Applicants should note the following points.
This is an agricultural environment and holidays during the harvest season may be very limited.
Most business days begin at 5 a.m.
and continue into the early afternoon (harvest times may change to night harvest from late July to late August).
Working hours are not based on a calendar and vary depending on harvest ripeness and weather.
hours per week varies (40-60+ hours).
Applicants must be available for her from early July to early September.
jobs are performed outdoors.
We recommend dressing in layers and being prepared for the weather.
All safety equipment (including headlamps for night harvesting) is provided.
Anyone who can legally work in Canada can apply for this position.
If you are not currently authorized to work in Canada, the employer will not consider your application.


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